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Areas of application
Nov 25, 2016

1. Warehousing industry

Warehousing industry is the first AGV application sites. The 1954 world's first AGV in the United States State of South Carolina Mercury Motor Freight Company's warehouse operation to achieve automatic handling of warehousing the goods. At present about 20,000 units of the world running variety of AGV in the 2100 block of large and small warehouses. Zone of Haier Group in 2000 put into operation in the warehouse, a flexible library consisting of 9 AGV automated guided systems, successfully completed a 23400 warehousing of goods and spare parts handling tasks.

2. Manufacturing

AGV in the production line of manufacturing prowess, efficient, accurate, flexible and complete material handling tasks. And can be composed of multiple AGV flexible material handling systems, route can be adjusted with the adjustment of the production process, make a production line can produce more than 10 products, greatly improving production flexibility and the competitiveness of enterprises. 1974 Sweden Volvo Kalmar car assembly plants in order to increase the flexibility of transport systems, using AGVS for means of automatic assembly line for cars, the Assembly line made up of more than one could be any car body of AGVS, after using the Assembly line, reduce Assembly time by 20%, Assembly faults is reduced by 39%, payback time 57%, 5% reduced the workforce. At present, the AGV's main car factory in the world, such as General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler, Volkswagen and other auto factories manufacturing and are widely used on the Assembly line.

In recent years, as a basis for CIMS conveyance, AGV the application deep into machine, appliance manufacturing, microelectronics manufacturing, tobacco and other industries, production and processing of AGV used most widely in the field area.

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