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Ground control system
Nov 25, 2016

AGV control systems (Stationary System) the AGV upper control system, is the core of AGV systems. Its main function is to AGV system (AGVS) multiple AGV in the single task assignments, traffic management, traffic management, communications management, and so on.

Task management: task management process management similar to the computer's operating system, which provides interpretation of the AGV ground control program execution environment; provides under task priority and scheduled start time; provide various operation tasks such as starting, stopping, cancel, etc.

Vehicle management: fleet management is the management of AGV core module, based on the requests for material handling tasks, scheduling AGV execute task assigned according to AGV principle of walking time, calculate the shortest path of AGV and AGV and control command the walking process, loading and discharging and charging orders are released in a timely manner.

Traffic management: based on physical size, status and the path of AGV provided AGV automatic collision avoidance measures each other while avoiding deadlocks vehicles waiting for each other and deadlocked the disarmament approach; AGV walking segment allocation of traffic management and deadlock reporting.

Communications management: communications management provides stand-alone AGV and AGV control system on the ground, the ground control system, IO devices, ground vehicle simulation system and computer communications. Communication between AGV and use radio communication, you need to set up a wireless network, AGV for two-way communications and terrestrial systems, AGV does not communicate, ground control system using polling and multiple AGV communications; and the ground control system, vehicle simulation system, host computer communication using TCP/IP communication.

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