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Main features
Nov 25, 2016

Direction variable, flexible change in conveying direction, the maximum can be up to 180 degrees;

Conveyor, unit made up of 8 rollers, each unit can be used independently or join multiple units use, easy to install;

Conveyor with retractable, a unit ratio between longest and shortest State can be up to 3 times;

Field application of conveyor

First from with type machine system of composition for explained: Belt conveying machine is most important of bulk-like material conveying and handling equipment, can widely for mine, metallurgical, building materials, chemical, power, food processing, industrial field, in coal mine, metal mine, steel enterprise, port, cement plant, to are can see skin machine of large application, transport mechanical not only can completed bulk-like material of conveying, also can to conveying into pieces material, but according to using locations, work environment, conveying material type of different, Also in their design and application will be different;

Modern of conveying machine system on dust has more high of requirements, for, in the turned received at has sprinkler set dust of device, in tape conveying machine along will has wind cover or wind Board, system is by single composition of, on in machine system in the work of operation and repair who for, both based Yu himself is in charge of of single, and understand system between of mutual contact, single is by many parts composition of, only do all parts of daily maintenance maintenance, makes its in good of work State, to ensure equipment of security run

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