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Navigation guidance modes
Nov 25, 2016

AGV has been able to achieve unmanned, navigation and guidance of its plays a vital role, with the development of technology, currently used for AGV navigation/guidance technology mainly includes the following:

1 direct coordinate (Cartesian Guidance)

With positioning block will AGV of driving regional into several coordinates small regional, through on small regional of count achieved guided, General has photoelectric type (will coordinates small regional to two species color divided, through photoelectric devices count) and electromagnetic type (will coordinates small regional to metal block or magnetic block divided, through electromagnetic induction devices count) two species form, its advantages is can achieved path of modified, guided of reliability good, on environment no special requirements. Disadvantages measuring installation is the ground complex, heavy workload, guidance accuracy and positioning accuracy, and does not meet the requirements of complex paths.

2 electromagnetic guidance (Wire Guidance)

Electromagnetic guidance is one of the most traditional ways of guiding, are still being used by many system, it is buried in the AGV on the path of the wire, and frequency of loaded wire-guided, through guidance frequency recognition of the AGV's guidance. Its main advantages are the lead covert, not pollution and damage, guiding principle is simple and reliable, easy to control and communication, no interference to sound and light, lower manufacturing cost. Disadvantage is that is difficult to change the extension on the limitations of a complex path.

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