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Nov 25, 2016

1, a two-wheel difference speed walking mechanism of walking mechanism of the investee two driving wheels symmetrically before and after the two supports on the before and after centerline wheels arranged in a two-wheel pivots to bottom respectively of isosceles triangle vertices. Walk on both sides of the car driving-wheel difference speed steering so you don't have to set the steering wheel. The car body is simple, reliable, low cost. In the automatic operation of the vehicle can be forward, backward and turn vertical mobility. And belt wheel walking mechanism of four-wheeled vehicle than the Elimination of the wheel not only eliminates the two driving motors can save space, smaller cars can do. In recent years this car has been widely used. In order to improve lateral stability when driving a two-wheel difference speed following improvements will support walking mechanism of four-wheeled round increased from two to four are arranged in each corner of the car chassis.

2, three-wheeled walking mechanism of walking mechanism of three-wheeled AGV vehicle three wheel layout, respectively in the three vertices of the triangle front wheel is behind the steering wheel and driving wheels two wheels is no power support wheel. AGV of walking mechanism of three-wheeled car is simple in structure, easy control, reliable, low cost. Can move forward, backward and turn when the car manual automatic runtime only one-way traffic when turning point track in rear wheel off the leader lines  wheel track is a Tractrix 

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