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System structure
Nov 25, 2016

Foreign experts had the AGV control system the main problems to be solved to do appropriate metaphor: Where am I? (Where am I? ), Where am I going? ' (where am I going? ) How can I get there? (how do I? ), Summed up in these three questions is the AGV control system of each of the three main technologies: AGV navigation (Navigation), the path planning of AGV (Layout designing), AGV guidance control (Guidance). In order to solve these problems, AGV system is also complex:

AGV control system is divided into ground (upper) control system, and car (single) control system and the navigation/guided system, which, ground control system refers to AGV system of fixed equipment, main is responsible for task distribution, vehicles scheduling, path (line) management, traffic management, automatically charging, function; car control system in received upper system of instruction Hou, is responsible for AGV of navigation calculation, guided achieved, vehicles walking, handling operation, function; navigation/ Guidance system for single AGV to provide absolute or relative position and direction.

AGV control system is a complex system, and system requirements for different projects in different, more

The complexity of the system, therefore, the system supports the AGV is designed in software configuration from the path of the project planning, process design, system simulation (Simulation) through the whole process of project implementation solutions. Host computer system provides a flexible tool for defining AGV system process, according to user's actual needs to plan or modify the path or system processes and superior system also provides for users to define different AGV features of programming languages.

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