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Vehicle control system
Nov 25, 2016

AGV vehicle control system (Onboard System), the AGV control system, after receiving instructions of local responsible for single AGV navigation, navigation, routing, vehicle driving, loading and unloading operations and other functions.

Navigation (Navigation): AGV stand-alone navigation devices through their own equipment in global coordinates as the measurements and calculate the position and heading.

Guidance (Guidance): single AGV based on location, heading and pre-determined theoretical trajectory to calculate the next cycle's speed and steering angle, AGV movement command value.

Path selection (Searching): AGV single according to local instructions, by calculation, pre-selected path to be run, and the results are submitted to the superordinate control system, whether other AGV location run by the host computer system based on unified deployment. AGV single walking path is designed according to actual working condition, it has several "segments" (Segment). Each "segment" indicates the start point and end point of the segment, as well as the AGV in the segment information such as speed and steering.

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