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Intelligent System
Nov 25, 2016

Intelligent of system, refers to of is by modern communications and information technology, and computer network technology, and industry technology, and intelligent control technology collection and into of for a a aspects of application of intelligent collection, with information technology of constantly development, its technology content and the complex degree also increasingly high, intelligent of of concept began gradually penetration to industries and we life in the of aspects, have appeared has intelligent residential community, intelligent hospital, are to intelligent of building for basis points germinal from, so we usually mentioned of intelligent of system, Say intelligent building systems.

With modern communications technology, computer network technology, as well as development of fieldbus control technology, digitization, networking and information technology is increasingly being integrated into people's lives. , Living conditions and constantly improve people's living standard and improving on the basis of higher demands on the quality of life, smart residential area is in the background of, and its growing demand, intelligent new concept. According to a survey 41.7% of the ordinary citizen, 74.2%, online group think in the within 5 years, my intelligent House will become the mainstream housing market.

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