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Intelligent System Application
Jun 01, 2017

Intelligent System With the large-scale popularization and application of ATM/Self-Service banking networking system, it is convenient to carry out all kinds of business affairs, which greatly improves the efficiency of the depositors to handle the financial business, and also saves a lot of financial resources. All over the city's various corners of the self-help bank to people's lives have brought many conveniences, Intelligent System but because of the open, unattended, retained cash and other operational characteristics, but also attracted the attention of some lawless elements, the increasing number of self-help bank cases, to customers and banks have brought great threat.

And the existing security measures in the self-help bank security issues, did play some positive role, but the diversification of the criminal means, but also make the current security system exposed to deficiencies. For example, video surveillance is more as an afterthought, Intelligent System it is difficult to respond to the incident when the police situation, when the business dispute or case, only through a large number of surveillance video data to investigate cases.

So how to protect the safe use of bank ATM by scientific and effective means, protect the interests of legal cardholders and banks? We need to build an intelligent control system to realize passive monitoring into active defense, after the change of evidence to advance early warning.

ATM/Self-Service Banking intelligent control solutions based on business requirements for video surveillance and security management system through the Civil Air defense, material prevention, technical protection "Three in combination" of technical means, the front end of the video system to achieve intelligent analysis, synchronization with the alarm, access control, intercom, intelligent protection module and other functional subsystems, Intelligent System further realize the construction of intelligent control system. Intelligent Monitoring System, analysis and learning of existing self-service banking monitoring scenes in the diversity of abnormal behavior in order to finally achieve "active" monitoring.

Through the remote management of the protective cabin, protect the user's card security and personal property security. The system can be real-time monitoring the cabin whether someone, the door is locked and so on, such as the gate abnormal unlocked will be the first time to carry out security prompts, to ensure the safety of customers, at the same time, can achieve remote control of the system, for children mistakenly enter the situation, Remote Assistance to open the door; damage to ATM emergency, Intelligent System remote lock protection cabin, prevent criminals escape; multiple people into the cabin operation, information reporting.

2 Intelligent Curtain Management, Intelligent System improve the efficiency of business processing

Through the combination of automatic processing and manual intervention, the system intelligently handles the detection signal of ATM curtain. Curtain management to video prompts the way to play the automatic processing, the duty officer to determine whether a business need to carry out manual intervention. Reduce the number of manual processing links, improve the efficiency of business processing.

3 Intelligent environment monitoring, reduce fire hazard

The system through the intelligent monitoring of the temperature, humidity, smoke concentration and other key information, synchronous superposition to the video system, when the set threshold, Intelligent System to achieve and video, alarm system linkage, to help the fire system to reduce fire hazard. At the same time, remote air conditioning can be controlled to adjust the environmental factors in the note room.

4 Intelligent Video Analysis to enhance the ability of case prevention and control

The system is based on the intelligent analysis technology to meet the needs of the self-service bank's intelligent security supervision, which is the key area of the customer activity area (face area, operation area, environment area) and the banknote-adding.

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