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Intelligent System Basic Functions
Aug 08, 2017

Smart home industry as a new industry, Intelligent System the lack of regulatory standards has been criticized by the industry and outside, and this time the introduction of new standards, is undoubtedly a strong heart needle (the end attached to the specification of new intelligent Engineering acceptance standards).

Fully decorated residential means before the use of residential delivery, all the functional space of the indoor fixed surface all paved or painted, Intelligent System water and drainage, gas, ventilation and air-conditioning, lighting power supply and intelligent system, such as basic installation, kitchen, Intelligent System bathroom and other basic facilities, to meet the basic functions, can be directly accommodated in the residential.

For a long time, the traditional roughcast room decoration has been criticized. In September 2016, issued by the office of Zhejiang Province, "on the promotion of green building and construction of the industrialization of the implementation of the views", put forward: "October 1, 2016, the city of the province, Intelligent System the county center of the urban transfer or allocation of new residential land, all the implementation of full decoration and finished goods delivery, encourage the construction of residential "This suggestion indicates that the traditional roughcast room will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, small and medium-sized real estate business, Intelligent System traditional home decoration, intelligent manufacturers and other related industries will face a big reshuffle."

In recent years, the main consumer of housing products has also been from the basic demand for housing to the multi-functional personalized appeal gradually transition. Intelligent System Smart home, intelligent community construction, it is in compliance with this market demand transformation. Through the use of technology and information technology means, user needs and user pain point of functional matching, so as to achieve intelligent house control.

So, what kind of change does intelligent life bring to people? In addition to the traditional public well-known lighting dimming function, electrical linkage switch, there are many close to life, optimize the life of the intelligent function.

Such as intelligent home system can allow users to remote video surveillance through the network anytime and anywhere. The use of mobile phone observation home dynamic, Intelligent System if someone invaded the residential area, Intelligent System intelligent monitoring will immediately trigger the alarm and alarm information to the first time to the owner's mobile phone, all-weather guarding the owner's personal property security.

Intelligent systems deal with objects, not only data, Intelligent System but also knowledge. The ability to represent, acquire, access, and process knowledge is one of the main differences between intelligent systems and traditional systems. Therefore, an intelligent system is also a knowledge-based processing system, it needs the following facilities: Knowledge representation language, knowledge organization tools, Intelligent System the establishment, maintenance and query knowledge base of the method and environment, support the reuse of existing knowledge.

The intelligent system consists of two parts of hardware and software, which need close combination of hardware and software in practical application to accomplish work more efficiently.

The hardware aspect is handled by the processor (CPU), Intelligent System storage (memory, hard disk, etc., display equipment (display, projector, etc.), input equipment (mouse, keyboard, etc.), induction equipment (sensor, Intelligent System sensors, scanners, etc.) components, in the hardware configuration can be based on the requirements of intelligent system hardware equipment customized to meet different needs. Intelligent System In the actual application of the more common hardware equipment is industrial computer, intelligent terminals and other products.

Software has a number of alternative programming languages, Intelligent System C, C + +, VB, JAVA, Delphi, and so on, these computer languages can be written to write intelligent system required for the application of software, and then implanted into the hardware equipment for testing, tuning, and hardware to complete specific functions

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