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Intelligent System Custom And Personalized
Jun 15, 2017

Intelligent home control system in the ordinary people of the large-scale promotion of the difficulties there are two main reasons are: wiring complex is not conducive to the completion of residential construction layout and installation: the system monotonous lack of customization and personalized service.

We recommend the use of wireless communication technology and Ethernet communication on behalf of the cable connection combination. Intelligent System Intelligent home control system can be divided into two categories according to the different data transmission: high-speed transmission of large amounts of data (video surveillance and multimedia entertainment, etc.) and low-speed small amount of data transmission (alarm signals, control commands, environmental information, etc.). Which alarm signal control commands, Intelligent System environmental information and other data transmission frequency is low does not require speed if you use Internet communication technology will cause waste of bandwidth and energy waste energy saving wireless technology is a wireless communication technology intelligent home system video surveillance, Multimedia entertainment and other services need to transfer the most high-speed data, the average family using Ethernet cable transmission Ethernet wireless Internet access interface at the same time to ensure remote monitoring function, because the Internet bandwidth characteristics to meet the smart home control system data transmission needs will not Form an obstacle.

Add personalized service to the intelligent home control system. Try to use low-cost hardware and software and its equipment to reduce the intelligent home control system and services to minimize the various module systems. Because through the WIFI system service node module users can according to the needs of white through the WIFI node, select the required module remote control function will allow users, Intelligent System although thousands of miles away, as long as the Internet can understand the situation at home, control the electrical equipment to start and Run, the system can also be customized.

Intelligent home access control system is a new type of modern security management system, set automatic identification technology and modern security management measures as one involving electronic, mechanical, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology and many other new technologies. Smart home access control system by the computer or management personnel in the central control room monitoring, in order to achieve the control of the entrance. Intelligent access control as an intelligent home security system is an important component, not only can replace the traditional key and manual access to the registration function, Intelligent System it is a wide range of management tools. Smart home access control system has obvious advantages.

Smart home access control system with its unique advantages for the smart home security work services, intelligent home access control system mainly the following characteristics.

A complete set of intelligent access control management system, through a simple scheduled operating procedures, the various places of the import and export of computer management, Intelligent System to establish an orderly management mechanism and model. Internal management, it can always control the different areas of access and access. And record the access of various types of personnel, for a variety of management mechanisms to provide rigorous means and detailed data;

External management, you can politely refuse to treat visitors, the effective protection of the control area of the property is not illegal violations, maintaining the normal work order in the region. Smart home access control system commonly used STC11F52 microcontroller as the control core, Intelligent System peripheral plus buzzer control circuit, open the door light circuit, electronic control lock control circuit and information upload circuit. Use the RF card to complete the credit card door, button out function.

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