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Intelligent System Objective Existence
Jul 10, 2017

Power battery is the energy carrier, indicating that the safety hidden trouble is an objective reality. Can be divided into three categories:

1) the external high temperature will lead to the explosion-proof batteries crack, Intelligent System electrolyte spray, will occur burning, fire. In the external high temperature environment, the electrolyte decomposition products and the positive and negative reaction, Intelligent System the battery will melt decomposition and other internal short circuit, the energy release will produce a lot of heat.

Test data show that when the battery temperature reaches 135 ℃, the diaphragm began to melt, Intelligent System the voltage drop; 150 ℃ battery voltage drops rapidly, Intelligent System the temperature up to 245 ℃, the diaphragm completely collapsed. The conclusion is that the battery monomer operating temperature between 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ is ideal. The conclusion is that if the temperature above or below this temperature range is not conducive to the normal use of the battery.

2) power battery internal impurities, Intelligent System metal particles, charge and discharge expansion and contraction, lithium and so have the potential to generate internal power short circuit. By the internal power of the battery caused by the process of internal short circuit mechanism, Intelligent System the current world experts are still in the research stage.

3) damage to the car machinery such as a strong impact, Intelligent System roll, squeeze is also an objective fact can not be avoided. Mechanical damage can cause mechanical damage to the battery, in a very short period of time, there will be power battery short circuit. Intelligent System The conclusion is that the car is a moving object, Intelligent System mechanical damage to the battery is also a large probability event.

1) External short circuit due to improper charging operation. Intelligent System Resulting in a large battery discharge current, will make the cell heat, high temperature will make the battery inside the diaphragm shrink or completely bad, resulting in internal short circuit, Intelligent System which exploded. The conclusion is that the cultivation and strengthening of management is a very necessary basis for the management of the work.

2) Overcharge of the battery leads to excessive lithium discharge of the positive electrode, and the structure of the positive electrode changes. Intelligent System And the release of lithium too much can not be inserted into the negative, but also likely to cause negative electrode surface lithium, and, when the voltage reaches 4.5V or more, the electrolyte will break down the production of large amounts of gas, Intelligent System resulting in battery bulging, Smoke fire. The conclusion is that through sound and light and other measures to be able to inform the operator in a timely manner, while technical measures immediately in place. Intelligent System To be able to put an end to this behavior.

3) over discharge will lead to damage to the molecular structure of the battery cathode material, resulting in no charge into the electricity. The conclusion is that through sound and light and other measures to be able to tell to tell the operator, while technical measures, Intelligent System to be able to put an end to this behavior.

4) IP protection level is not up to standard, resulting in the battery moisture content is too high. The water can react with the electrolyte in the cell to produce the gas. When charging, Intelligent System it can react with the lithium produced to produce lithium oxide, Intelligent System so that the capacity of the cell is lost, Intelligent System and the battery can be overcharged to produce gas. Intelligent System The voltage is low, it is easy to decompose the gas when charging, when this series of gas will make the internal pressure of the battery increases, Intelligent System when the battery shell can not afford, the battery will explode.

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