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Intelligent System Policy Quality
Oct 25, 2017

The Expert Advisor (EA), an international financial and monetary trading system running on a particular trading platform, is the principle of compiling an effective international financial and monetary trading strategy into a computer program in a special programming language (mql/java/c++). To allow the computer to automatically carry out positions and transactions in accordance with pre-set conditions, the outcome of the loss depends on the strategic quality of the trading system.

The complete Trading logic includes: 1, Intelligent System the admission condition judgment, 2, the position condition judgment, 3, positions control, 4, the appearance condition judgment. Traders can write their own trading strategies as EA, and the invocation of various indicators, price cycles, historical data comparisons, and so on can be achieved in the EA through the programming method. Intelligent System The computer is much faster than the human brain, so it can quickly trade in some fleeting admission opportunities, greatly improving the quality of the transaction.

The good or bad of the intelligent trading system depends directly on the trading strategy made by the trader. A good trading strategy can achieve a stable profit, even if the loss will be in a very small range of control, and poor trading strategy may lead to trading accounts in a very short period of time will be a huge loss or even a silo. At present, the circulation of the EA has automatic and semi-automatic two kinds, fully automatic EA will be fully independent implementation of the trading strategy, and semi-automatic need to manually assist its next single or flat.

Intelligent Trading System is the most advanced international foreign exchange transactions, the most revolutionary changes, the gold and forex traders of many of the big companies on Wall Street in New York are not focusing their focus and time on manual manipulation, Intelligent System but on constantly writing and perfecting their trading strategies, and then making automated trading systems that allow computers to perform automatically. Intelligent System The use of automated trading systems instead of manual transactions has several notable advantages:

1. As the intelligent trading system synthesizes the wisdom and experience of many experts in international financial and monetary transactions, its trading strategy is a severe market test, Intelligent System in terms of market judgment, position management, trading discipline, risk control and profitability, and many other aspects are undoubtedly significantly higher than manual trader.

2. Automatic computer operation can guarantee the faster the next single peace storehouse speed, the price beat and the trend reversal is more keen, even if a tiny price fluctuation can easily be caught by the system.

3. The computer can overcome the weakness of human nature, Intelligent System the purchase is bought, the sale is sold, no hesitation, no greed, win is not arrogant, loss also not depressed, to avoid emotional operation, thus thoroughly eradicated such as chasing up the fall, Intelligent System small surplus big loss such error operation.

4. The computer can monitor the market continuously 24 hours a day, and in the appropriate timing and point of automatic entrance, completely without artificial intervention, can allow traders to sleep at night, rest assured that the day to do other work, the real realization of the whole day unattended automatic transactions, greatly reducing the trader's workload.

5. Finally, and most important, Intelligent System is the protection of profit. To make money is the hard truth, intelligent trading system is not guaranteed to be victorious, but because of the integration of many financial experts in the wisdom and experience, coupled with a strict stop loss and risk control, Intelligent System position control, so no excessive transactions, no emotional transactions, no manual operation can not avoid the greed and fear.

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