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Intelligent System Technology
Jul 31, 2017

The first point, artificial intelligence and robots to human life, Intelligent System social production in all areas of organic combination, Intelligent System for improving the quality of human life and production quality is important.

Second, the robot and the intelligent system, it is by no means a single field of science and technology, it is an interdisciplinary field, it involves many disciplines, Intelligent System such as mechanics, Intelligent System intelligent manufacturing, computer technology, physics and other aspects, is a Multidisciplinary development. Robot and intelligent system itself is a cross-disciplinary, Intelligent System multi-disciplinary development of the integrated application, while the development of robots and intelligent systems will in turn promote the development of other disciplines. So it is a multidisciplinary cross.

Third, artificial intelligence and intelligent systems and robots are more forward-looking and scalable, driven, the future of the community has great prospects, Intelligent System but also a model of dual-use.

For brain science research, human understanding only completed 15%, there are 85% do not know, I think brain science is what kind of system? Is one of the most complete, Intelligent System the most scientific, the most complex, the least known, and the future is very large prospects. If the system to take out a small part of the study to do research, to do it is very good. Research on the human brain science, Intelligent System must be on their own computer systems, network systems have a great boost. Extensive nanotechnology includes graphene, graphene Shenzhen is also very good. We are also engaged in biology. Large data, in transportation, energy, Intelligent System human social activities, finance, health care, education, health have played a very big role, Intelligent System large data is another hot spot in the field of information.

15 scientific fields that will make a breakthrough in human life and death: controlled nuclear fusion, space exploration, Alzheimer's, cybercrime will bring 400 billion dollars a year to the world, food safety, information technology, social sciences, Chemical aspects, and so on. Chinese Academy of Sciences made 60 breakthroughs: basic areas, new materials, energy, sound reputation health, marine areas, resources, Intelligent System ecological environment, information, photoelectric space. To 2017 the new trend of scientific and technological development: commercial robots will be developed by leaps and bounds, unmanned aerial vehicles delivery, man-made war again staged. Information, intelligent technology: human brain bionic, machine learning, Intelligent System intelligent language assistant, machine vision, AR, block chain and so on. The future of the body of doctors - nano robots, industrial robots accounted for more than 70%, there are more than 20% of the service robot, the robot has a small future, Intelligent System such as nano-robot is a very important aspect of future doctors.

It is recommended that we seize the opportunity to meet the challenges, based on innovation to achieve brilliant. Shenzhen has a very good opportunity to set up 12 universities in the next few years, Intelligent System two of which are my students to be principals. Therefore, the future development of Shenzhen I am particularly optimistic about the 12 universities can really up, a large research hospital up, Intelligent System and a large number of enterprises to come here after the settlement of Shenzhen, the country and the world play an important role.

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