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Intelligent System Technology And Information Technology
Sep 28, 2017

In recent years, the main consumer of housing products have also been from the basic demands of the residential gradually to the multi-functional personalized demands of the transition. Smart home, Intelligent System the construction of the wisdom of the community, it is adapted to the transformation of this market demand. Through the use of technology and information technology means, the user needs and user pain points to functionally match, in order to achieve intelligent housing control.

So, intelligent life in the end will give people what changes? In addition to the traditional well-known light dimming function, electrical linkage switch, Intelligent System the other there are many close to life, optimize the life of the intelligent function.

Such as smart home system allows users to anytime, anywhere through the network for remote image monitoring. The use of mobile phones to observe the home dynamic, Intelligent System if someone invaded the residential area, intelligent monitoring will immediately trigger the alarm and the first time the alarm message to the owners of mobile phones, all-weather guard owners property safety.

In addition, if the user forget to close the gas valve, Intelligent System once the gas leak sensor detects the air combustible gas concentration higher than the normal value, it will be the first time to close the valve and window ventilation, Intelligent System indoor alarm warning to inform the family, the owner of the mobile phone side Will receive remote alarm information, in the first time pinch off the risk of flames.

The domestic smart home level is now maturing, each smart home business is also constantly optimize the development of the intelligent function, 竭力 for consumers to create a real fit life and life required for intelligent home system.

Smart home system written in Zhejiang Province, Intelligent System the whole decoration acceptance norms, means that small and medium-sized real estate business, traditional home improvement and other related industries will face a major reshuffle, but also to promote the smart home & wisdom community era came a shot The

Autonomous intelligent system is a kind of artificial system, it does not need human intervention, the use of advanced intelligent technology to achieve a variety of operations and management. Intelligent System The typical autonomous intelligent system includes land, sea, air and sky independent unmanned operation platform, complex unmanned production and processing system, unmanned platform, such as unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, rail traffic automatic driving, space robot, ocean Robots, polar robots, service robots, Intelligent System unmanned workshops / intelligent plants and intelligent control equipment and systems.

The autonomous intelligence system emphasizes autonomy and intelligence, Intelligent System but does not exclude human participation, more attention to human behavior and coordination. Independent intelligence systems will take advantage of machine-specific advantages, such as computing, Intelligent System storage, decision-making and other capabilities to replace part of the human repetitive labor. However, for the subjective, complex work, will give full play to man-machine coordination ability, the pursuit of high intelligence, high-performance work efficiency. Therefore, the machine can not completely replace the human, man-machine coordination is the future direction.

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