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Intelligent System Tension Process
Nov 03, 2017

Bridge prestressed intelligent tensioning system refers to a prestressed automatic tensioning equipment and computer control system, mainly by the pre-stress intelligent tensioning device, smart jack, laptop with wireless LAN card, high-pressure tubing and other components. The stress as the control index, Intelligent System the elongation error as a proofreading index, the system through the sensing technology to collect the working pressure of each tensioning device (jack) and the strand elongation (including the amount of retraction) and other data, real-time The data is transmitted to the system host for analysis and judgment. At the same time, Intelligent System the tensioning device (pumping station) receives system commands to realize precise control of tension and loading speed in real time. The system also based on the default program, issued by the host command, synchronous control of each device for each mechanical action automatically complete the entire process of tension.

This device is an ultra-high pressure power output device. Its function is mainly to provide reliable and stable lifting power for the tensioning device (jack) of the beam body, and has the functions of lifting, packing and returning. The device can accurately achieve the programmed commands, Intelligent System through the wireless communication interface to ensure reliable data communication.

The new type of seal, high-pressure self-reinforced cylinder strength, structural optimization jack size, under the premise of ensuring the jack stroke, the same hydraulic pressure than the conventional through-core jack to reduce 30% to 45%, so that the jack of the weight output ratio 0.6: 1. At the same time, Intelligent System the length and outer diameter of the jack are reduced, which can reduce the length of the reserved strand and can be widely applied to the prestressing construction of the pretensioning method and the post-tensioning method. With its own electronic displacement sensor for the cylinder inner cylinder elongation test.Intelligent System With high precision, small error, large range, smooth movement and other characteristics; own with high-precision pressure sensor, can accurately measure the force output jack.

By professional electricians to connect the three-phase power (connect the three FireWire), connected to the box, the general figures 2,4,6 position on behalf of FireWire, Intelligent System the letter N represents the zero line. Should not cut or remove the wiring plug, connect the wire, with a test pencil to check the power is normal. It is forbidden to make wire connection operation under live state.

Connect the tubing: carefully check the nozzle and the connector for impurities, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the inlet pipe and return pipe are not confused. Back to the pipe jack in the installation position for the tension jack away from the beam section, that is, jack installed one end of the black safety valve; Intelligent System tubing connections must use copper gaskets to prevent oil leakage. Tubing protection spring should be close to the nozzle to extend the service life of tubing.

After installing the limit plate, lifting special jack. Jack must be hoisted with wire rope to ensure safety. After lifting, install the tool anchor, tool clip. The installation of tool clips must comply with the relevant requirements of "Technical Code for Construction of Highway Bridges and Culverts" (JTG / T F50-2011). Tool clip does not work or not fully functional will result in the final elongation error is large. Intelligent System Then connect the tensioner and jack data cable, tension a hole is completed, shall not pull the data cable for moving the jack. In order to force the strand evenly, we should adopt the comb through beam process, then install the instrument antenna.

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