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Intelligent System The Basis Of Technology
Aug 16, 2017

Speech recognition is the foundation of intelligent system technology, Intelligent System and the accuracy of speech recognition has been increasing steadily. The reason for this is that it is now more powerful training data, more powerful computing power and new and more complex modeling methods (such as The very popular technology, Deep Belief Networks, which is based on how the human brain completes pattern recognition, Intelligent System combines the accuracy of speech recognition.

Whether in the city streets, or in the car or in the living room, voice recognition of the functionality and accuracy is getting higher and higher. First-class signal processing can distinguish between different sounds, Intelligent System speech biostatistics help determine who is talking. Intelligent System Side by side the number of microphones can dynamically guide the "listen to the beam", and in the camera with the help of tracking the user's location. As a result, applying this functionality to mobile devices that are more mobile with users will improve the ability to identify mobile devices.

Completing a task in the future can reduce many of the necessary steps, Intelligent System such as having to select the device, open the device, find the target application, launch the application, and then interact with the application. Soon, the user will be able to simply tell the sleeping state device in natural language - do not touch it. Devices with this low power mode state will be able to authenticate the user and confirm the required operation by gradually waking up their other functions of the processor and eventually completing the appropriate operation as required.

With the development of speech recognition technology and natural language understanding technology, users want to be able to interact on different devices (smart phones, tablet PCs, Intelligent System televisions or cars) and have a consistent experience. The user can start a task on one device and complete the task on another device. This interaction will be linked through a framework based on customer identifiers and cloud identifiers, Intelligent System as well as natural language understanding engines. The user's interaction history will be aggregated in the cloud to improve the identification model for use in all other related devices.

Understanding user intent can pass through multiple screen application icons, folders and subfolders, or a series of intermediate web pages. In the search, the frequent questioning of the natural language understanding application can skip the search engine to retrieve all the symbolic link list, direct to the desired destination. This fast and direct access to information is very powerful, potentially threatening the ordinary search business. Some search service providers have also begun to test the use of direct response questions to replace web links, but they now do not allow users to directly access the desired third party content.

The user service business is difficult to organize into a menu structure in an effective and understandable way - whether it is in an interactive voice response (IVR) system or in a mobile application. Intelligent System The natural language understanding of specialized virtual assistants will completely bypass the interactive voice response system to directly access information, Intelligent System and will also support flexible conversations that allow users to proactively provide unintended information and switch between different contact center functions.

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