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Intelligent System The Use Of
Jul 21, 2017

The use of computer interconnection technology to achieve network control, Intelligent System including the identity of the room staff, the door of the state detection, safe state, room temperature remote control, air conditioning status, room status, the service information, sound and light tips and monitoring Etc., Intelligent System all the real-time information to master. The system is in accordance with the platinum five-star international hotel room management target model, combined with international advanced management ideas, Intelligent System the application of the latest information technology and design.

The computer has a two-way information transmission function, Intelligent System its internal selection of internationally certified switch control module and high-quality SCR and relay as a switching control device, it is a split modular structure, by the single Phase power supply, Intelligent System through the weak switch control panel, according to the set off, dimming program to control it, Intelligent System can be a single independent control, but also more than one network control, internal information changes through the network communication equipment to the upper management computer , And accept the host computer of the various control instructions to achieve remote network control, display and management. The host can use the CAN-BUS \ TCP / IP and RS-485, which can be used to update the communication interface type and the network topology without changing the host.Intelligent System China's first development of the multi-functional communication interface.

CAN-bus (Controller Area Network) is the controller of the local area network, Intelligent System is the most widely used in the international one of the open field bus. It is a kind of advanced technology, high reliability, perfect function and reasonable cost. The remote network communication control mode is widely used in various automation and control systems. For example: automotive electronics, industrial control, Intelligent System intelligent buildings, power systems, security monitoring, hotel room intelligent control and other fields, has now become ISO-11898 international standards.

Server database with dual hot backup, Intelligent System available a server or several servers. Sunshine room intelligent control system software and domestic and foreign hotel management software for data interface, Intelligent System to achieve resource sharing. (UNIX, LINUx, CAN-BUS bus to form the main micro-computer and subordinate R & D intelligent system under the machine network to a proprietary network protocol and network communication format to form a research-intelligent control system and network Communication system.

1, the system constitutes a flexible. Intelligent System On the whole, the intelligent home control system is composed of various subsystems through the network communication system combination. Intelligent System You can reduce or increase the subsystems as needed to meet your needs.

2, easy operation and management. Smart home control of all equipment through mobile phones, Intelligent System tablet PCs, touch screen and other man-machine interface to operate, very convenient.

3, rich in scene control functions. You can set a variety of control modes, such as home mode, home mode, rain mode, birthday mode, banquet mode, energy saving mode, Intelligent System great to meet the quality of life needs.

4, information resources sharing. Can be home temperature, humidity, dryness published to the Internet, the formation of the entire regional environmental monitoring points for the monitoring of the environment to provide effective and valuable information.

5, installation, easy debugging. Plug and play, especially in the wireless way, you can quickly deploy the system.

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