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Laser Forklift AGV Different Load-transfer Technologies
Oct 25, 2017

For different application needs, a variety of different load-carrying technologies, Laser Forklift AGV such as traction, piggyback and front fork, etc. are presented. The corresponding drive technology and battery technology have also developed rapidly. The continuous upgrading of the hard software function of the vehicle computer makes the intelligent level of the AGV control system improve continuously.

Now AGV Car can be automated guidance, automatic driving, optimization of routes, from the active operation, traffic control, AGV car scheduling, autonomous avoidance, Laser Forklift AGV automatic charging and automatic diagnosis and other operations, and even from the network, wireless or infrared to receive customer instructions. Due to the customization of automatic guidance system, modular and standardized design and development are also being popularized and implemented. Therefore, the performance of AGV system from the intelligent, Laser Forklift AGV information, flexible, agile, energy-saving and green, and other aspects of continuous improvement.

Working flow of laser Forklift

1. The laser car is standing by the standby area awaiting execution of the order.

2. When a distribution system has a task, Laser Forklift AGV it automatically sends the task Information request to the control system.

3. The control system is subject to the task information feedback, will plan the forklift operation route as well as the goods storage shelf location, and according to each laser forklift position assignment, Laser Forklift AGV and issue task instructions.

4. The laser forklift truck uses the network device which carries itself, receives the task information, uses the wall to affix the reflective strip to judge the route and the obstacle, Laser Forklift AGV embarks to the cargo storage shelf.

5 laser forklift, through the systematic planning of the route and through the induction of RFID tags affixed to the ground to locate the location of the goods

6. When you arrive at the shelf where you want to store the goods, Laser Forklift AGV the laser forklift lifts the forklift bracket up to the desired height and takes the goods out of the rack.

7. After going to the goods, the forklift truck exits the shelf and puts the forklift rack low, protects the cargo safety, and through the control system plan good route, Laser Forklift AGV arrives at the distribution platform.

8. After the arrival of the pallet, the forklift will automatically unload the goods to the assembly line, and the goods will be brought to the next cargo distribution process.

9. After unloading, the laser forklift truck exits the shelf position, Laser Forklift AGV continues the next task, or returns to the service area to recharge, standby.

10. When the trolley voltage is insufficient, Laser Forklift AGV the car will alarm and immediately report to the control system, the control system arrangements for the car to recharge the service area.

AGV car in the process of automatic driving, Laser Forklift AGV there will always be some temporary obstacles, and security problems, we adopt the sector of infrared sensor safety, based on the principle of automobile bumper anti-collision mechanical limit stop device, Laser Forklift AGV intelligent Tatsu AGV dispatching system software protection constitutes the industry's first triple protection, more secure and reliable.

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