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Laser Forklift AGV Pay Attention To Maintenance
Nov 03, 2017

Laser forklift in use when there will be a lot of problems, so to be used for a long time you need to pay attention to maintenance

 1, check the oil pan within the oil surface, whether between the two ruler oil ruler, near the upper scoreline. New or deactivated diesel engine for a long time After filling the engine oil engraved, Laser Forklift AGV the low-speed operation for 5 to 10 minutes after the stop, re-use oil dipstick to measure the oil level.

 2, check the water tank.

 3, check the fuel pump oil surface, less than should be added to the specified location.

 4, eliminate three leaks (oil, water, gas) phenomenon.

Laser forklift electric truck to battery-powered, battery is also called the battery. Battery if used properly, the use of generally less than 3 years, Laser Forklift AGV the problem, on the contrary, the service life is greatly reduced. Therefore, the user of the electric stacker, battery truck battery to use after a period of time to add water, in order to make the battery forklift battery life is longer.

Semi-electric stacker, battery van how to use a long time after the replenishment:

Slowly pry open the top of the battery cover with a slightly harder tool. Some of the battery cover is ABS adhesive, some of the battery is connected to the deduction. Some are skateboarding. Caution When prying open the cover, do not damage the cover. At this moment, Laser Forklift AGV you can see the rubber caps of the six exhaust valves. Laser Forklift AGV Open the rubber cap, exposing the vent hole, you can see the inside of the battery through the vent. Some battery exhaust valve base can be unscrewed, you can not open the rubber exhaust valve and unscrew the exhaust valve base. Some batteries also have some filler around the rubber cap.

Open the lid to see if there is a dry hole inside the phenomenon and the location of water, that is, whether the battery water shortage. Laser Forklift AGV The battery plate is wrapped with white fiberglass cotton, the normal situation should be moist. Intake distilled water with a dropper Into the battery vent hole. Laser Forklift AGV Cover the vent with a breathable cover to keep the battery dry to prevent dust from falling into the vent. It is best to use medical secondary distilled water. The principle of replenishment is rather less. Not enough to add more, resulting in decreased acid proportion, the battery capacity will be insufficient. Laser Forklift AGV No experience can be mastered by 5mL per hole, replenishment tools using glass, plastic and other pipette. It is recommended to use medical disposable syringes, easy to use and easy to measure. Rehydration tools can not use any metal-containing appliances, syringes should be removed from metal needles, set a plastic tube after use.

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