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Magnetic Forklift AGV Lateral Stability
Nov 03, 2017

Inside and outside the door frame. Forklift crane system between the various major components, have a relative movement. One inside and outside the mast form a sports deputy, Magnetic Forklift AGV fork frame and the inner frame form a sports deputy. In order to improve the motion accuracy of each movement pair, reduce the friction between each moving member, reduce the vibration noise, improve the lateral stability of the truck during the unloading and unloading, the inner and outer gantries and the side rollers on the yoke are adjusted Gasket. Through the shim adjustment, the clearance between the side frame of the fork frame and the inner mast, Magnetic Forklift AGV the gap between the inner mast and the outer mast, and the clearance between the inner mast and the outer mast can not be greater than 1 mm under relative motion. When the gap between the rollers or the overlapping gantry exceeds the design clearance, the rollers need to be adjusted or replaced to ensure the rolling or sliding clearance to reduce the percussive noise and prevent the goods from sliding off the fork. The gantry cross-section flange size (thickness) to reduce lmm or more or the entire combination of gantry horizontal size (width direction) is greater than the specified size of 2.5mm or more, Magnetic Forklift AGV in the event of gantry deformation or warp, are required to replace the gantry to ensure safe use .

Guide pulley and lifting chain. Chain assembly, Magnetic Forklift AGV the tension of the two chains should be equal, the load as uniform as possible, can not be distorted, the two sprocket installed flexible rotation. Paired fork fork thick, fork length should be roughly equal. The vertical section of two forks and horizontal section angle should be the same. After the two forklift mounted on the fork, the plane should be maintained in the same plane. Adjust the lifting chain should be the maximum length of the fork lift to the maximum lifting height (ie lifting cylinder piston up to the limit), the adjusted lifting chain should not be too tight, Magnetic Forklift AGV usually lm height, with 5ON force In the chain, the maximum deflection of 2Omm is qualified. Each maintenance, the internal and external door frame chain and chain sprocket should be filled with grease to ensure its good lubrication, reducing the friction of the movement pairs. In a wide field of vision lifting system, the two lift cylinder (cylinder) stroke should be equal, the respective oil into the pipeline should be smooth. Two cylinder piston rod upper end should be with the inner door frame, sprocket bracket at the same time contact.

Fork frame. As the mounting dimensions between the hooks and forks have been standardized, all the attachments have the same hooks as the forks. Therefore, the fork plate fork can easily change the attachment. In order to enable the fork or attachment to be attached or detached from the fork, Magnetic Forklift AGV when a fork shelf is provided with a shelf, the fork can be removed and removed by using a notch in the middle of the lower bail. In order to make the forks or attachments locate on the forks and adjust the pitch of the forks, several symmetrical positioning holes and positioning slots on the upper baffle can be used to locate the locating pins with springs on the upper ends of the forks. When the forks are hinged type, Magnetic Forklift AGV the fork frame is made into a sliding rod type, two left and right round shafts are arranged in the fork frame, a fork is arranged on each round shaft sleeve, Magnetic Forklift AGV the fork can slide on the round shaft to adjust two Fork spacing, Magnetic Forklift AGV loading and unloading fork, you need to remove the round shaft, fork is the positioning of the card axis with the pin.

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