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Magnetic Forklift AGV Stability
Oct 25, 2017

Inside and outside the door frame. There are relative motions between the main components of the forklift hoisting system. The inner and outer door frame comprises a movement pair, Magnetic Forklift AGV and the fork frame and the inner door frame are composed of a movement pair. In order to improve the motion accuracy of each moving pair, reduce the friction between the moving components, reduce the vibration noise, Magnetic Forklift AGV improve the lateral stability of the whole vehicle when the fork unloads the goods, and the side rollers on the inner and outer door frame and the fork frame have adjustment pads. Through the adjustment of the gasket, Magnetic Forklift AGV the gap between the roller of the fork frame and the inner door frame, the gap between the inner and outer door frame and the inner and outer door frame, the clearance value is not less than 1mm in the case of relative movement. When the gap between the wheel or the overlapping door frame exceeds the design clearance, the rollers need to be adjusted or replaced to ensure the gap between rolling or sliding, Magnetic Forklift AGV reduce the impact sound and prevent the goods from slipping out of the fork. The flange size (thickness) of the door frame is reduced by the lmm or the entire door frame combined transverse dimension (width direction) is greater than the specified size 2.5mm above, Magnetic Forklift AGV the door frame deformation or warping, the need to replace the door frame, to ensure the use of safety.

Guide pulley and lifting chain. Chain assembly, two of the tension of the chain should be equal, the load as uniform as possible, can not be distorted phenomenon, the two sprocket after the installation of flexible rotation. Pair of fork fork thickness, fork length should be roughly equal. Magnetic Forklift AGV The angle between the vertical section of the fork and the horizontal section should also be consistent. The two forks are fitted with a fork frame, and the upper plane shall be kept within the same plane. Adjusting the maximum length of the lifting chain shall be carried out when the fork rises to the maximum lifting height (that is, Magnetic Forklift AGV the piston of the lifting cylinder rises to the upper limit), the adjusted lifting chain should not be too tight, usually in the LM high place, applying 5ON force to the chain, the maximum deflection of 2Omm is qualified. Each time the maintenance, should be inside and outside the door frame groove steel and chain sprocket on the grease, Magnetic Forklift AGV to ensure its good lubrication, reduce the friction of the movement of the pair. In the wide field of vision lifting system, two lifting cylinders (cylinders) Travel should be equal, the respective inlet tubing road should be unblocked. The upper surface of the plunger rod of the two cylinders should be contacted simultaneously with the inner door frame and the sprocket bracket.

Fork rack. Since the mounting dimensions between the hooks and the fork racks have been standardized, the various genera have the same hooks as the forks. Therefore, Magnetic Forklift AGV the plate fork rack can be easily replaced with a tool. To enable the fork or the genus to be fitted up or removed from the fork rack, when the fork rack is fitted with a stall shelf, the gap in the middle of the lower baffle plate can be used to remove the fork. In order to locate and adjust the fork spacing on the fork frame, Magnetic Forklift AGV a plurality of locating holes and locating slots on the upper baffle plate can be used to locate the locating pins with springs on the upper end of the fork. When the fork is articulated, the fork is made into a sliding rod, Magnetic Forklift AGV and the left and right two spindles are installed in the fork frame. Each piece of the sleeve on a fork, the fork can be sliding on the axis to adjust the spacing between the two forks, when the fork is loaded, the shaft should be removed, Magnetic Forklift AGV and the fork is positioned on the circular axis with the card PIN.

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